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Why the Silvia Refuses to Die

In wake of the "Why Datsun Should Make a Comeback" article, I'm going to make a post about the Nissan Silvia/200SX/240SX.


There are quite a bit of things that Nissan did right (and wrong!) in order to define the brand of cheap sporty cars. It has to do with Datsun, it has to do with Toyota, It has to do with 4 Cylinders, massive boost, and corporate meddling, but most of all it has to do with hoonage for the masses. I'll have more time later tonight to write it up, and look out for it tomorrow.

But for now, have this teaser from last years Time Attack challenge. Make sure you remember that this is a privateer team, and that the Silvia that this car once was is over 10 years old.

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