We have had some wild speculation of late, as is done on the interwebs, about the possibility of Toyota ending its relationship with Subaru in context with the BRZ/FR-S twins. Subaru helped Toyota come back into the sports car segement with the awesome little RWD twins. But now with Toyota partnering with BMW on some upcoming sports car, the FT-1/Supra perhaps, Toyota is rethinking its partnership with its sister brand Subaru.

The official word is that there is no official word. The man behind the twins Tetsuya Tada only said that Subaru might not be involved with the next generation twins, and that a BMW collaboration is "one possibility." This by no means actually conveys anything in regards to the future of Subaru's BRZ.

Here come the vague open answers! What it does do, is make the case pointing to the relative possibility for another piece of interesting news that came out of Subaru awhile back, in that they are considering reviving the SVX nameplate. For those that don't know, or don't remember the SVX, don't feel bad. 98% of all Subaru employees over the last 30yrs don't even remember the SVX.


Essentially it was a car with AWD and billed as a grand tourer that Subaru made in the mid 90's, and was a colossal flop only selling around 8000 cars total over the course of 3 years. However, recent rumblings inside Subaru point out that the brass may want to revive the platform.


Here is where speculation and rumblings come into play. If Toyota decides to end the partnership with Subaru, in favor of their partnership with BMW, this leaves Subaru left without a two door sports car, thus making it a possibility that they could be more open to actually coming out with a new generation of the SVX.

Because this is the internet, where speculation and rumblings mean truth, and by the process of inference and astrology, this means that we will be getting a new Supra, a new 86, at least 15 new BMWs based on one platform and a new SVX that will have the best looking concept ever, but then turn into some shitty beige wannabe that every enthusiast and journo will hate, but somehow be bought in good numbers. It will be called some crazy stupid name first like the Subaru Mioface', or the Subaru Mahna Mahna, then in the end, something dull, like the Subaru Desert, or Subaru Dog Lover.


Hopefully we can actually get some real information soon. Maybe with actual production details or things we can confirm. But in the meantime, cry Subaru and let loose the internet trolls!

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