I have owned many a vehicle over the years, some good, many bad, most of which became pits in which to deposit my pay checks. This change probably wont be much different.

Maybe its the whole getting older thing, maybe I am becoming more "responsible" (nah), but after much deliberation, I walked away from multiple, multiple great deals on amazing sports cars and got myself into a Jeep.

Flashback to about six months ago; I had a heavily modified Mustang and a Diesel F350 sitting in my driveway.


The Mustang was no longer street legal, and I had recently switched jobs and the fuel for the truck was killing my pocket. I decided to get rid of both for something more... "sensible". Enter the Audi...


Having decided on a sporty sedan with okay fuel mileage, and affordable, I found myself staring down a black on black Audi S4 with a dual clutch transmission. Slightly used, but CPO, with a "great" warranty (totally laughable if you ever read into it). I was sold from the second I sat behind the wheel. Yea I had to give up my man pedal (this would be the first, and only automatic car Ive owned), but it was comfortable, fully loaded, and the acceleration... Just WOW.

Then came the buyers remorse.

Its not that I overpaid, couldn't afford it, or got screwed on my trade, because I didn't. There were two problems.


One, I was suffering from the loss of pedal number three, a.k.a. the man pedal. Somehow, I felt like less of a man, as if every car I drove by was pointing and laughing "Ha ha ha, look at the little girly man driving the auto Audi". They weren't, but it still felt like they were.

And two, this was a NICE car. I didn't want to park it within range of shopping cart, children, or floating bits of paper. I didn't want to sit in it without showering and putting on clean clothes. I didn't want my dog anywhere near it. I just didn't want to get a single scratch in the paint, a tiny ding in the door, or an imperfection in the leather or alcantara.


After about a month of ownership, the decision was made, my OCD couldn't handle this car as my only vehicle with 4 wheels.

As a single man in his late 20's, my initial go to was sports cars. I drove everything from BRZs to Vipers, and after two long months of thought and deliberation, I walked away...


I walked away from a C6 Z06, a 996 C4s, a Gen II Viper GTS (with 14k on the clock!!!), and countless other sports cars.

What!!! Why on earth would you turn down ALL those cars?

I live in a city. It's not a major city like New York or LA, but its a city, with traffic and crowded streets and hundreds of thousands of people. Outside of that city is dirt and sand, for hundreds of miles...


What good would a Viper or a Z06 do in city traffic other than to say "look how well I am doing for myself"? What about outside of the city? Sure there are straight, mostly empty roads where I can do something stupid, but why risk destroying a nice sports car??

So I asked myself these questions, and one more. What is the one toy that is relatively affordable, plays well in the dirt or on the pavement, and comes with a man pedal? The answer...


A Jeep.

Sure, its about as slow as the lunch line in a retirement home, and it has the aerodynamics of a brick... But every single drive is a blast. The aftermarket for these is, umm, EXTENSIVE, and (at least in my area) these things hold their value.


All in all, I've owned this for about 3 weeks, and it is the most fun Ive had driving (legally and not on a race track) in many a year. The only funner (I know) vehicle I had was the beater F-150 on 35"s that I used to plow into snowbanks for giggles and shits (not necessarily in that order).

It has taught me an important lesson however, and that is, just because it is expensive, nice and well engineered, does not mean it is fun.