Can I please just have an option to say that if a package requires a signature I will pick it up at your facility?

I’m not home much. More often than not if something requires a signature they miss me and I go online and change delivery to pickup at their facility. It’s not a big deal at all, the facility is closer to my work than my home is so I just stop by at lunch or on the way home. But you can’t change delivery until AFTER a delivery attempt is made, so I have to wait a day.

Not only does it inconvenience me, but surely me picking it up at your facility makes it cost less for you. No driver needed, just a guy in an office to check my ID. It’s also better than the environment if you distribute from this facility: instead of wasting fuel and emissions going somewhere I’m not, I’ll just come to you.

Tomorrow’s lunch will be I have to pick up my exhaust before taking it to the shop for installation.