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Why wait to break down on the track?

Break down on the way there instead!

What I should own

I left Alameda -> Thunderhill just in time to beat traffic. However, an accident screwed that up and I spent a lot of time in stop and go.


Now, the Corvette is a convertible and I could put the top down but:

That high of 107 was when I was in traffic with the top up and the AC running as I’ve not removed it yet (the compressor is really heavy). I was considering keeping it as the AC was nice but maybe needed a recharge. Dunno really as I’ve never used the AC in this car before, like, ever. First time anywhere this hot.

Traffic started moving a bit and I smelled burning and saw a white poof out from under the hood. I wrestle my way off the freeway thinking I was overheating so I killed the AC and was puzzled by the happy temperature gauge. The hell? Wrestle wrestle wrestle. I hate everyone.


The car suddenly started running a lot better. Seriously, wtf?

I opened the hood and all was fine.

Sensing it was AC related I turned it on. The AC compressor seems to have seized. The serpentine belt was actually smoking from the friction. Turn off the AC and no problem as the clutch releases and the pulley spins free.


It’s a three hour drive, north, late in the day so the sun is directly on my face with no AC and me wanting to die. Three hours. 107 ish but I swear hotter when go you past farms that are watering fruit trees as it’s like driving through a swamp.

However I’m currently in a swanky bar with a lot of women in skimpy outfits so I’m still ahead of the game when you total it up for the day.


Also, I think I’ve decided to repair the AC. Jesus.

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