*Disclaimer: I have never owned a manual transmission equipped car, but am a more than proficient driver if given three pedals

So, Oppo it's that time again time to bring up the source of all goodness and the lord of the Opponauts, the manual gearbox. I enjoy driving a manual car, nailing that downshift, just a squawk from the driven wheels on a quick upshift, and an aggressive launch. The benefits have been extolled on here approximately every 12 seconds so I won't fill this space with that, but allow me to explain why I'm tired of hearing about it constantly. The gearbox choice makes a huge difference in the character of the vehicle and the drive as a whole. Take for example my friend's GTI (the 6 speed car I drive most). While I love the drive and am pretty quick in the car, I still prefer my uncle's former A3 with the DSG. The reasons not being the involvement (something the manual better achieves), but rather it better matches the character of the car. The GTI is a car about not raw involvement, but refinement and being a quick way to devour a road with reasonable space and economy at a palatable price. To me, the DSG makes it a quicker car, allows the driver to focus more on power application, left foot braking, and steering. This better fulfills the aim of the vehicle as I see it. This doesn't mean that all cars are this way. A Corvette, 911, and Elise all benefit from the involvement as that's the aim of the car. So, I don't begrudge companies like Mercedes for the AMG cars being all automatic; they're designed to be refined yet athletic without the harshness/effort of most sports cars (yes I understand that's not what they are). So, what I'll leave you with is this: take it on a case-by-case basis, does a manual improve or hamper a vehicle's mission/intended purpose? If it does, then harp on it indefinitely (which we all know we will) or just accept that while you'd like a manual, it doesn't always make the car better and keep it to yourself or just don't harp on it ad infinitum.

Drive what you love, love what you drive, don't fuck up.- Macht Schnell

PS This is my first article so feedback is encouraged and welcomed. If there's any interest I've been thinking of writing weekly and will post that on here.