After watching the latest Top Gear episodes I am again amazed at the overwhelming driving "modes/options" that one needs to engage/turn off modify in order to drive the damn thing. Why? We need a DIY button for those that want to simply drive the car themselves. One button to rule them all.

Let's face it, if the damn car is undriveable without all the options engaged what's the point? If a comfortable drive is what you want then have a button for that. But if it's time for a showdown with the guy next to you then you need one button to turn off the comfy ride and make it the race car you bought.

Sure you could beat the guy if you had launch control. Or you could learn how to drive it. Enough with the helper modes. You want to shift it yourself? Then do everything else as well.

The best lap we've ever seen the Stig make was in a Caterham. It had a steering wheel, brakes and an accelerator.