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Alfa is undeserving of our love, trust me...

Well, hello there, you must be asking yourself what is this crazy person doing and while you could be right before you put the pitchfork and the rope to use i might prove you are either as crazy as me or that im not crazy after all.


I shall start by trying to convince you that Alfa has not been deserving of our love in the past 30 years, oh man, im definitely crazy…

Well, it all starts all the way back in 86 to be precise, when Fiat bought Alfa.


What many saw as a great event in which an adored car company would be free’d from the creative shackles of the government, and its associated risk aversity turned out to just be a change of prison.

Many celebrated and rejoiced with the news for it could finally mean that with a bigger and resource rich company at the helm a small brand like Alfa that was focusing on small cars would likely go back to producing those beautiful and sporty enthusiast cars.


This did not happen, Fiat strangely would continue with the same strategy that was hurting Alfa, by continued focus on small cars, some sharing platforms even, ditching rear wheel drive in favour of the infinitely more enthusiast oriented (read definitely not enthusiast oriented) front wheel drive.

While the world would continue seeing beautiful Alfa designs and continued motorsport success in the years that followed Fiat’s acquisition, we the true gear heads knew the truth.


The Alfa we all knew and longed for died with the 75, the last everyman Alfa... although not luxurious and as some might say not handsome, it had that famous Alfa charm, had a thundering v6 under the hood, and it had rear wheel drive, allowing it to rightfully claiming a spot on the list of sporty sedans, beside the BMW’s and Mercedes of the time.

Further proof Alfa died then and there, was that the first order of business of Fiat was that a wagon version of the 75 was canceled, dubbed the 75 turbo wagon as pictured above. I mean, how could they? (runs and locks himself in the bathroom crying like a baby)


Really Fiat? That was Alfa’s most successful car at the time...

Well in the years that followed Fiat kept Alfa churning bad cars with great desing, there was the handsome 155, the gorgeous GTV and the Spider, there where even death traps like the 147 GTA however they did not have that soul of the brand, these where Fiat’s half hearted attempts at reaching us the gear heads that had long extinguished the flame of passion of the brand and the sales numbers spoke to that truth.


Now, many would blame the economy and what not for this, but wouldnt it had worked had Fiat really kept their word and made Alfa just an enthusiast focused brand streamlined with only three models:

1 - M3 Fighter 2 door coupe

2 - M5’ish sports 4 door sedan

3 - S class type luxobarge

This seems to have worked for Jaguar that was almost dead in England, why not for Alfa???


Anyway, by the 2000’s Fiat realized they should have done something and come 2007 they went all the way to the end of the spectrum creating a impossible to own 2 door coupe, they came up with the 8c in its v8 rear wheel drive glory. But with just a run of 500, is this really the Alfa we fell for?

Well, come 2015 Fiat seems to finally have cracked it, come the Giulia, and while i find myself lusting for it with the handsome looks it has, giggling by the promise of the ability to wipe the smile out of Bmw owners all over the world i am not fooled, and so aren’t you by now.


This is not the Alfa we know, this is Fiat wearing the carcass of the brand we love simply trying to crack a segment of the market it hasn’t been able to on its own until now.

Your ever pessimist jalop, signing out

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