Why won't you just take my money?

So the wife’s Saab 9-7x has been having issues with the ABS activating randomly. Probably just one of the sensors. I’ve already replaced one hub, so I decide to replace the other one since the bearing in it has 130k miles on it.

Doesn’t fix the problem. So I replace one of the rear ABS sensors and that doesn’t fix it either. Swap the new sensor over to the other side and reinstall the original sensor. No dice. 


Time to give up and take it to the shop since I’m tired of throwing parts at it and they can figure it out in 2 minutes with a Tech2 reader.

Fast forward 2 days, get a call from the shop saying their Tech2 reader is broken and they can’t help me, and it will be 6 weeks before they get it repaired. Come pick it up. WTF. I’ve never had a mechanic straight up give up. I mean, I appreciate that he’s not willing to just throw parts at it, especially since I told him that’s what I was trying to avoid. But find another reader. Who do you buy tools from? Get a loaner? Gah!

On top of that, my plasterers decided to flake out on my job to go fishing (walleye season!), so my boys have been sleeping on the floor. Who knows when he’ll actually show up.

And now the dumpster I ordered to dispose of that shed didn’t show up. FML.

My 16 yr old kitty for your time.  Time for a drink.

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