“We want a brown diesel wagon with a manual!” — I love brown and was so excited when this meme proved I wasn’t alone. But now I’m getting older and actually looking at cars in person, and a majority of the time guess what? I’m gonna hafta pass! I still love the idea of brown but let’s be honest, brown changes waaaay too much with the lighting and a majority of those interactions leave you on the losing end. Keep the choco-tones to the interior unless you have a well sorted copper and gold to play with on that exterior.

Now with that said, I would own a brown exterior car because I enjoy paints that always surprise you during ownership. Ya know, paint colors that “grow” on you. But it must be the correct kind of brown, which is a copper-tone. Now for the record, I will always standby pearlescent white (not that plastic white everyone buys) as being the best luxury paint color period. No, double exclamation!! The old Catalunya Copper is the only time I have seen a “brown” car on the road that sold me on that being a “best” color option rather than “that other” color option for the car. But it still gets beaten up by lighting.

When it comes to brand signature colors Infiniti let me down when they gave up on purple (which was the IPL signature color)...


and Lexus has a home run in their blue however their orange has the same problematic lighting extremes as most browns.


Kudos to Genesis for trying to make copper/brown a signature color, but I’m seeing this falling away from anything outside stitching and maybe some trim elements. But if anyone knows how to track down the best textures of paint for a luxury vehicle then it’s going to be Luc Donckerwolke.