Why You Can't Just Go For A Drive In A CTS-V Wagon

I'm on vacation right now and Cadillac has graciously loaned me a CTS-V Wagon (Diamond Black edition, of course), and it's great. Stupendous. Wonderful. Except it's sitting in the driveway, and I'm afraid to drive it.

It's not the 556 horsepowers or the 551 torques that I'm afraid of – rather the opposite. Those things are fantastic. It feels like there's some sort of fusion powerplant under the hood, and while it may sound strange to compare it in such terms, the only true similarities I see in terms of torque delivery were in a hydrogen car I once drove. It's just a massive, complete onslaught of torque in such a way that there's never a low point.


The reason why I'm afraid of it, sadly, is the fuel consumption. I'm right now averaging somewhere around 14 MPG, and that's without too heavy a foot. Seriously, this isn't stupid auto-journo talk, I'm in the middle of a long trip right now, with hours of highway driving of around 70 MPH. I feel like I'm constantly filling up or, at the very least, looking for a gas station, and a lot of that is also down to its piddly 18 gallon fuel tank with such a bomb of an engine. Right now I've got about the same range as a Tesla Model S between stops (yeah, I know that the CTS-V doesn't take four hours to fill up, but I'm making a point here).

And with fuel prices of $4.09/gallon for the premium that this dark monster needs, I shouldn't have to mention that that adds up quite quickly.

So the Caddy sits in the driveway for now, until I next need it. Oh, don't you worry, I'm not going all soft on you guys. I find reasons to "need" it all the time. Frozen custard treat? Need it. Looking for a nice scenic spot? Need it. I think I saw a deer some ways down thataway? Need it. But just go for a drive?

Only if it's on the way to the next fuel stop.

Photo credit: Michael Ballaban

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