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Why you should always check you blind spots!

I live in the great state of Florida, in the second most densely populated area in the southeastern United Stated outside of Atlanta. I'm 10 minutes from the beach and 1 1/2 hours from Disney World. What does this have to do with blind spots? Well for one I am pretty much surrounded by tourists year round. In my three years of driving I have seen just about every state license plate as well as Hawaii and Puerto Rico all within 20 minutes of my house. It never fails that when I take a drive out toward the beach I run across masses of tourists and sadly most of them are terrible drivers. I was taking a bridge I generally hate to take today as on one side the speed is 35 and on the other it just happened to be 20. This confuses me as there are no pedestrians in the area but that's for another rant. Coming back onto the mainland from the island I was in the right lane and a Kia Sephia was in the left. As some of you may know I drive a Kia Sportage which by no means is a small car. Its a decent sized CUV and towers over the Sephia. As I am maintaining my speed the Sephia decides he needs to be in the right lane.

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In the picture above not even close to being drawn to scale the road shown is approximately one mile long. The red car is the Sephia and I am the grey. The orange shows the Sephia post merge and post almost side swiping me. The blue line shows the direction our cars traveled. As you can see he decides to merge into the lane for no apparent reason. I ended up two wheels in the grass ABS kicking in and my horn blaring. Once I regained control I was quickly next to him as he was traveling slower than the speed limit and ended up going another mile before turning. There was no car in front of him or myself. Lucky for him I was not one of the many elderly drivers who may have a slightly slower reaction time.

When I ended up passing him I discovered a wife and three kids in the back seat.

And this is not the first time this has happened to me!

Please please please check you blind spots! And while your at it maybe use a blinker if you intend to merge.

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