The extent of my photographic artistic ability.

My ownership of a 2006 Infiniti G35 6MT sedan has come to a close. All things come to pass - even automobiles. I enjoyed resurrecting this sedan from death (read: blown engine). As an enthusiast, it makes me happy to pass on one of my projects, especially when it appears it will be well cared for. So why recommend a car I just sold? It’s complicated...

I enjoy photographing this point in my builds so I can capture the full stress induced mental breakdown of potential financial ruin.

I’ll admit all my biases right out the gate: I am a Nissan fanboy. I had planned on writing about building this car into a fun track toy but once I’d blown the budget, my heart wasn’t into it anymore. My prior blurbs about this particular G35 adventure can be seen here, here, and here.

Now that is out of the way, there are many reasons why YOU should buy an Infiniti G35 sedan. I’m going to break things down into a couple thoughts.


Sounds simple right? Let’s get to it. First off...

How Many Rocks Need Be Overturned To Find One?

Go on your local Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or Kijiji (for those of you in the great white north), and type in “G35". What do you see? You should see a SHIT-TON for listings for sale. I am in the greater Sacramento, California region. Typing in G35 with no specifics I get 471 ads within approximately 200 miles. That is a lot of potential cars to buy.


One-hundred-thirteen in the greater Sacramento California region...

The massive availability is the same if you need used parts - there’s a ton of crashed, and damaged cars being parted out. The G35 is certainly not a rare bird, or unfortunately one that stays out of ditches.


This is perfect for anyone who wants to USE their G35 for some fun. Track days, autocross, and the most abusive automotive-ballet, drifting. If you need anything for your own car, it is certainly available second hand and it won’t break the bank.

It Costs Exactly One Bushel Of Onions And An Old Mule.

The best cars come home on trailers.


Being that there are exactly one million of these for sale at anytime, your chances for finding a good deal are very lucrative. They’re so lucrative - I was beaten up, and abused in more ways than I’ll admit when I sold mine. I was taken to the cleaners by the new buyer.

I rarely talk my ‘numbers’ when showing a car I’m selling but I couldn’t help myself with this one. I tried my best to keep a straight face, but I had to whinge a bit to the seller about how much I was losing on the deal.


I spent far too much at the wrong time. Apparently these cars haven’t hit rock bottom yet, but it should be flattening out soon in my opinion. Once they’re flat, buy one of the good cars left, and start building! Any G/Z platform car with any quality is a future classic in my opinion.

The Opposite Of Chinese Algebra.

Any ham fisted mechanic with enough grit can fix anything on these cars. Bring your 8, 10, 12, 14, and 17mm sized tools with you - that will be about all you need on 80% of any repair on these cars. I’m serious. We completed the throwout bearing, and flywheel replacement with basic hand tools and one big-ass impact gun.


Not to mention many, many parts are shared with its 350Z cousin, and the G35 Coupe sibling. The engine, transmission, rear-end, suspension, it goes on! I was able to find plenty of 350z owners parting out their cars, and the coil overs were compatible with my sedan. Cheap, plentiful, used parts, that are easy to install. The world is your oyster!


The only real bummer to any G35 is the oil consumption. Finding one that doesn’t burn oil is a real challenge. Mine burned anywhere between one quart every 1500 to 2500 miles. In the research I did, it turns out the true culprit is the crankcase ventilation system. Oil is sucked through the PCV into the intake manifold leading to... consumption.

Oil of course is about $9 a quart for Mobile 1, but that shouldn’t be any big deterrent if you understand the consumption isn’t anything you can truly control. Or can you? Apparently an oil catch can solves the vast majority of any consumption. The problem being a vented crankcase to the atmosphere isn’t smog legal so it would need to be disconnected for a smog check.


It Makes You Feel Hot And Bothered.

Rear-wheel drive. Six speed manual (available), nearly 300 horsepower. Room for car seats... Stop it! Our automotive-libido can only get so hot before it boils over.


Naturally the shift bushings were upgraded but no short throw is necessary. Perfect position from steering wheel to shifter too!

These cars are a blast to drive. The steering wheel is thin in diameter, it’s like being a gorilla steering a kids pedal car.


I didn’t even have any complaints with the handling (especially after replacing bushings). If anything there was a bit of float at speed, but this was a completely stock car afterall.

Braking feel left something desired but I fixed that with stainless steel lines, drilled/slotted rotors, upgraded pads, and better fluid.


By far the most fun thing about these cars is the engine. Mine was the RevUp version. In a nut shell it was the same as any other VQ35DE but with variable timing on intake and exhaust. You get a small bump to HP and the rev limit from a non-RevUp version.

You can absolutely rev-the-piss out of the engine. It goes, and goes, and goes. It’s perfectly happy going to 7500 rpm if you feel the need. There’s even an adjustable red shift light on the dash. All cars should come with those. This one can be set all the way down into the 3k rev range if that’s your thing too (why?!!!).


Final Mental Gushing.

Go buy one of these now! If you need a four door and still want a sports car experience, look no further. Sure, there are plenty of competitors (BMW 3-series, Lexus IS, etcetera) but at what cost? This could be the best, newest, and cheapest four-door sports car out there.


I sold mine because I was far too over budget and couldn’t stomach sinking another couple thousand into it. I wanted it to be a track toy but I have far too many cars and not enough money. Furthermore being RWD, I got stuck during a snow storm last year so another 4wd was needed for the family.

But I’ll always leave this one on the long term list. I can always come back to it. That is if there are any good ones left...


My Camaro perpetually hiding in the background.

Oh and the BlueTooth works really well too! And there’s a button to turn off the compass if you care to get lost until the call drops.