Why You Should Change Your Own Oil

1.) You Know It’s done right

I’ve head too many horror stories about quick lube places. Do you really trust that kid changing your oil? I sure don’t. As long as you have basic understanding of your vehicle and the right tools you can change your own oil no problem.


2.) You Can Choose Your Own Oil And Filter

I’m known to spend countless hours researching oil from different brands looking for the best oil to run. I’m currently running Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Full Synthetic in my 1999 Subaru Forester and 1968 Ford Mustang. I’m also sure to use OEM oil filters rather then some crappy no name filter made in China.


3.) It’s Fun!

There’s nothing like getting your hands a little dirty working on your car. And with some basic knowledge and the right tools changing your oil is quick, easy, cheaper, and fun!


DIY Oil Changing Tips

1.) Make sure you have the right tools. If you need to jack up your vehicle make sure you use a floor jack and jack stands. Don’t use the emergency jack in your trunk. If you have a vehicle that sits higher off the ground such as a SUV or Pickup Truck you don’t even need to jack it up to change the oil. I don’t need to jack my up Subaru Forester to change the oil.


2.) Save money and time by buying cases of oil when it’s on sale. When oil is on sale at places such as BJ’s and Costco I always to stock up on enough oil for at least 4 oil changes.

3.) Make sure you properly dispose of your old oil. Many towns and cities take used oil at their transfer stations at no charge for residents.


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