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Why You Should Go Karting This Weekend

Full disclosure: we attended the "Lime Rock Park Mini-ALMS Northeast Grand Prix" at On Track Karting in Brookfield, CT last week. It was an event setup to promote the upcoming American Le Mans Series race at Lime Rock Park this weekend, which you all should attend (as if you have something better to do than BBQ, drink beer, and watch racing cars).

We put together a motley crew of six drivers for the 2 hour and 45 minute race, which, (not coincidentally) is the exact duration of an actual ALMS race. So we're talking driver changes, team strategy, and a half hour each of uninterrupted track time. And since no one besides jalops actually know what karting is ("No, mom, its not like the go karts at the mini golf place..."), we put together this little video for demonstration purposes...and because we had an awesome time. If the video didn't do it, here are a few more reasons to go Karting:


1. Meet Cool People. Or, meet car nerds who love to talk about cars, going fast, racing, their car, and so on. These people tend to be attracted to a Karting track for some reason. You might even get to meet real racing drivers, like Eric Curran, Nick Longhi and Bill Sweedler. We did, thanks to Lime Rock who brought a few actual ALMS drivers along for the event.

2. Go Fast, Take Chances. Where else can you actually do that this weekend? Karting is safe and a great way to learn to drive fast. You'll search for the smoothest racing line, see how many corners you can go through without lifting, and literally learn how to race with other real drivers around you doing the same. THIS IS NOT A VIDEO GAME. ITS MUCH, MUCH BETTER. You can even crash, but that's just part of the fun because you just bounce off of everything, get turned back around, and chase down the guy who put you into the wall.

3. You Are Not Sebastian Vettel. Unless you are, and you are reading this, then hi Seb! The truth is you probably won't ever be a top tier racing driver. Or even spend the time to finish Forza. But you can jump in a Kart tonight and go out and try to set some best lap times. It's all about personal goals and getting better. Chances are you wont even be the fastest driver during your session, and that's ok too because the guys who are faster will probably love nothing more than to talk your ear off (endlessly) about how to get quicker. Then you can jump in the next session and literally see your lap times go down because they are recorded in real time. How cool is that?!

4. Goofing Off is Fun. It's the weekend. It's time to chillax, forget about work and go have some fun, and there's no better place for car people to have a good time than a Karting track. Play arcade games, eat nachos, drive a Kart. No one cares if you're last...or second to last, as was the case with our team when the dust settled. Still had a great time and you will too.

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