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Why You Should Not Buy a New Mercedes Benz

Normally, for an article like this I would lay out some pros and cons and use complicated words that make you feel emotions. But not this time. No. This time, I wont need emotions. I won't need complicated words that I have to reference dictionary.com to make sure I am using them improperly. Why?

Mostly because I am tired and big words take thinking; but also because of one, simple, word: Depreciation.


Now we all love some nice Mercedes Benz, but the cold, hard fact of it is; they depreciate faster than Enron's stock in late 2001.

Now I know what you are thinking, and yes, cherry lime-aid is awesome, but for the same price as a nice new CLA AMG, you could be driving around in a 5 year old, low mileage CL63 AMG. A car that, 5 years ago. Would have retailed for somewhere around $150,000. Thats almost 70% depreciation in 5 years.

And it does not get any better with the other higher end options. So if you are looking for something newer and luxurious, go find a nice, used, high end Mercedes, and save yourself thousands on initial price and depreciation loss.

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