Like many kids whom are fascinated with cool, fast, exotic cars growing up, I learned all the details of the coolest cars I would never see anywhere else but in a magazine. The Ferrari 328's and the Lamborghini Countach's. But, like so many other stories of young, ignorant children, the Porsche is often overlooked.

They say with age comes wisdom. As I have aged I have gone from messing with body kits to building bad ass V8 engines and dabbling in Turbochargers. I have also become wiser to many, many cars, which often get overlooked.

I have always enjoyed the 911, but never cared enough about it to consider it to be anything more than a Corvette competitor (I blame my father for this "you don't want none of that foreign crap, get a good ole American muscle car"). That is, until the day, about 3 years ago, when (what I now know is) a 997 GT3 RS was in front of me on the highway. Me, being an ignorant child, down shifted and pulled up next to him, in my then nearly stock and mostly loud S197 Mustang. I thought to myself, well, I've taken down a few Vette's at the strip, lets see if this guy wants to show me what a 911 is made out of (please note, I do not condone street racing, nor did I plan on racing this guy, just egging him on a bit).

Turns out, this guy likes to drive his car, and shut ignorant children up, because he downshifted and floored it, and as I sat there listening to the noise that engine made as it approached 8,500 RPM, my heart stopped, my jaw dropped, and I felt pure euphoria. And that is the precise moment my obsession with Porsche began.


I spent the better part of the last few years lusting over air cooled 911's and often drooling down 914's on Craigslist. There is just something about the heritage of a Porsche that makes me lust over them. I learned many random facts about them, like how the '72 911 was the only year that came with an oil filler door behind the passenger side door, or about how Porsche thought that convertibles would be outlawed in the USA, so they made the 911 Targa Soft Window.

Then the day came when I got to drive one. A shinny 997 Turbo S (with PDK but I am not crying) on an open track. From the second I sat in the seat I knew this was bad news. It just hugs you like saying "Thanks for driving me". Turn the key and it humbly starts, its not loud or harsh, but refined and luxurious, and borderline perplexing. You roll out into pit lane, expecting a harsh engagement into first like the F430, but instead you get the smoothness of a luxury sedan. Then you hit the track, the turbos spool up, all four tires claw away at the pavement, like a tiger running down an antelope. The car throws you back in your seat at every straight, but in every turn, even at the edge of grip, it feels refined, as if you were being chauffeured down Hollywood Blvd in a Rolls Royce. Its an experience like no other. After that, I was sold on Porsche.


I had known about the 80's / 90's front engine Porsche's, but never really any detail. Until today when this picture (cover picture) popped up on my news feed. From the factory with an external waste gate which dumps after the cat, rear mounted transaxle. So much cool in an often overlooked car (I know, reliability, etc.). I see these thing popping up all the time for < 10K.

If you are new to Porsche, or just know very little, go drive one, do some research, and I bet you will want one (or two, or three), I know I do.