Why you shouldn't ignore large stains on your drive way.

Long story short: last week the brake lights on my Chally started having a fit so I took my dad’s truck to work the next day. Get about 11km down the road when it overheats.

An hour and a half later I get back home after limping it. I had noticed that no hot air was coming out of the heater despite it being over 120c. I figure that the little bit of leakage (around the thermostat) I saw, was just because it was so damn hot. I had guessed the thermostat was stuck and borrowed another of my family’s cars and get to work.


Couple days later I am trying to convince my dad to let me swap the thermostat when my mom mentions “that weird stain on the driveway from last week” and my dad just shrugs and says “It definable wasn’t just water”.

It had no coolant in it and was just was leaking; needed a new hose clamp.

They aren’t stupid I swear.

Then again my dad keep thinking the size of a engine (ex 5.7 liters) is the actual exterior size of the engine it self.

Steering column on the Challenge with cool linkage for your time. (bottom left)

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