Wichitoppo Motorcycle Gang

(and Jayhawk Jake’s Camero)

Things I learned today:

-Jay’s CB500F is louder than my XSR900

-Jake’s CX500 is louder than everything


-I filled up the tank on the bike before I came to meet them, it cost $5 to fill with 91.

-I rode around all afternoon and used 1/4 tank.

-Jake’s CX500 is, despite all its faults, just the most endearing bike. I rode it around the block, and other than the weak brakes it’s pretty great.

-Jay’s CB500F is a really good all around bike. It’s light, comfortable, and has brakes (unlike Jake’s bike). That being said, I’m glad my uncle talked me into a bigger bike, I think I’d outgrow the CB500 in less than a month.

-My XSR900 is an absolute hoot, and is really quiet compared to everything else. May or may not have ricer fly by’d Jake and scared him because he didn’t here my coming.


-The TCS on my bike works. (I’m not saying this was discovered during a second gear power wheelie, when it jackhammer chopped the throttle abruptly, but it sure isn’t subtle)


-Jayhawk Jake found it funny watching the flexy turn signals on my bike bounce around on rough roads (from inside his Mustang because he needs to take the MSF class so he can join the motorcycle shenanigans)


-Riding with friends is just the best in general. Stoplight conversations, having a blast without breaking the speed limit (too much), and just the general connection to the outside.

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