Wife got rear ended up by an uninsured motorist tonight... (RX Status UPDATE 2.0)

Stood out in the rain for an hour waiting for the cops. Back door gap is off, spare tires ripped off, exhaust leaking, and bumper a little worse for wear. Nicole is fine. We were able to joke about her needing to go to the hospital as she was on her way to work there. No injuries.

UPDATE: Looks like the RX will live on. They quoted $2500 to repair(including pulling the frame back). I am going to have my dads shop go through it top to bottom after the body shop is done to make sure everything is in safe operating condition for the wife. Now I have to figure out the “Loss of Value” claim I am going to ask the insurance company for. I reached out to the Lexus dealer we bought it from and am waiting to hear back. Also, is it just me or is two weeks from the date of the accident way too long to just now be finding out what the verdict is?

UPDATE 2.0: The RX is coming back tomorrow or Saturday! There was minor frame adjustments that needed done but I talked with my dad and he said that he wouldn’t be worried about it. Lexus got all of the parts to the body shop and they are getting it done pretty quick. It will be nice to be back to three cars though having to drive the ISF has been kind of nice.


Usually I would have tried to get it off the road but since the lady was uninsured, I was not touching anything until the police arrived.

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