E30 unrelated to anything.

I’m a t-shirt, jeans, hoodie kind of guy. Currently feeling like a bad stereotype of a woman in a movie dressing up for a night on the town.

Put on my slacks and dress shirt. Looks ridiculous tuck that shirt in. Okay, had now it’s awful without a tie. Put on the tie. I look like I’m going to fucking funeral.


Okay, how about a nice button up instead. Oh look at all these flannels I haven’t worn since college. I’m a walking checkerboard. Oh, this blue one looks okay. Nope, looks like a belong in a Urban Outfitter’s catalog from 2009.

How about the shoes? Wow, I’m not going skateboarding. Adidas, too much white. Why did I buy these? Hmm, these vans are dirty... Oh my wingtips I haven’t worn since my wedding? Painful to drive in, walk in, and kind of overkill.

So here I am in some Levi pants, Vans, t-shity, and a nice but casual jacket. At least I’ll be comfortable.