In the previous installment of "Wife Wisdom," Mrs. Automatch asked why anyone would purchase a certain Quasimodo-like BMW. This time she notices another odd phenomenon. We were taking our evening walk when we saw two driveways on the same block with two of the same car. These were not old cars, either new or only few years old.

"That's odd" she said, "Why would anyone buy two of the same car? I can see buying two cars from the same brand. I mean, if you like Hondas and one person bought a sedan and the other bought a truck or something that makes sense...but the same car?"

Then she proceeded to ask if in some strange world we decided to own the same vehicle what would it be? After much debate we decided we would be both happy driving a Porsche 911 (like I said before, she is not gear-head but has good taste in automobiles)

By the end of our walk we counted a total of 4 driveways with two of the same car, either our small neighborhood has a strange fascination with buying multiples or this is a "thing." Can any of you think of a good reason why a household would want two of the exact same car? (Just to be clear we are not talking about having two classic Alfas because only one is going to be running)