Wifes new car, Stick shift, '15 Fit, mini review.

Ive always sucked at writing essays so my thoughts are all over the place. Feel free to ask any questions.

So my wife has never driven stick other than a few times in my car with me holding her hand and telling her what to do; I had to drive it home for her. Shes also never had much interest in cars. So when she said she wanted a stick, I was on board immediately. She had had an 07 fit sport, auto, and liked it. But then she had decided she wanted something bigger and Honda offered her a crazy deal if she traded her, very desirable, Fit in. Enter the 09 CR-V, boring and uncomfortable. After a few years of neither of us really liking the CR-V very much, we went to check out what honda had, and they had one stick, in the package she wanted.

We have had it for 4 days, and today is the first time shes taken it out on her own. It had 30 miles when we drove it off. Its probably coming up on 200 right now.


Its a 2015, Fit LX (thats the base model). Stock it has a reverse camera, bluetooth sync, “magic” rear seats (fold flat) and hideous hubcaps.

I like it. Its not fast by any means, and apparently I have abnormally long femers since I dont really fit. But its nice to drive, and fairly comfortable. It shifts smooth, and is comfortable at hwy speeds. Gets pretty decent milage, which we are ruining since shes still learning. Im expecting once we get her going better we should be able to hang out around 40mpg.

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