Surprise politics after the jump.

In a moment of sheer brilliance that can only occur early in the morning before I have had any caffeine, I have solved the political process.

In my solution I am making a few assumptions. Assumption 1, the system isn’t broken, it’s the candidates. Assumption 2, the candidates are broken because they are egotistical maniacs. Assumption 3, by changing the selection process we can weed these people out.

The implementation is fairly simple, based off of jury duty. Participation is mandatory, but you are paid fairly and your job is preserved. Upon receipt of citizenship you are added to a database. Once you have reached the minimum age for office your name is added to the pool of victims, I mean candidates. Every election cycle you are required to furnish a resume to the government, and the database matches your skill set with appropriate offices. Then the database randomly selects 10 or candidates for us to vote on. There is no reelection and party membership is grounds for punishment. This would apply from your local councilmen to the president.

It’s either brilliance or madness or both.