I need some help...

FoS 2015 DTM Opel for your time

I‘ve been getting lag spikes while gaming and browsing the internet on my desktop (the internet will “turn off” for a consistent amount of seconds and “reconnect” afterwards). This has been happening for a little while now and happens sometimes more than others. I recently got some new roommates in the house, I’m not sure if they are part of the problem, but I was thinking of switching my wifi adapter from 2.4 to 5 ghz (my current adapter does not support 5 ghz).

I’ve doing a bit of research and I think maybe the problem could be conflicting connections, and I’ve also read that 5 ghz has less range and can’t penetrate as well. I’m in the floor above my router, so the distance is rather short but obviously the signal has to come through the one floor. I’m currently getting full bars, never got any less with my current adapter. From any of your experience, do you think I’d be fine getting consistent connection with 5 ghz? Thanks for any and all help.