Okay, so the automotive industry (commercial and motorsports) is constantly evolving. More efficient ways of running a car. More aerodynamic bodies. Better safety features. These may start in racing, and spill over into commercially manufactured cars. But if the racing world is engineering "answers" of questions like "how can we run this race with less gas stops?" or "how do we get the resistance through the air to be less?" or best yet "how do we help the driver of this steerable rocket with wheels survive if they are in a crash?", will they ever stop? Will they reach an end point where there are no more questions to answer?

It hit me this morning, as the road was a little slick and my tires a little bald, will there ever be an super efficient, tread staying tire available. Then my mind ran away with that thought.
Since physics is finite (to a degree, I know there are many variables), will there ever be a place where engineers get to in automotive research where they hit the zenith of that area? Will there ever be a perfect race car shape that cuts through the air with such ease, changing it just the slightest bit will start to move it back into the negative results column. Will there ever be an engine so efficient, it will produce peak (competitive) power with ease and run indefinitely with minor maintenance?

I know once you hit a certain point, you open up more areas of concern (more variables). Oh you built an engine that produces more power? Well great, now we need a body that can hold and control that power through the space in which it exists. Or better safety needs to be found since you will be hurling towards that wall at a greater speed. But will they only be able to go so far?

But compare race cars from just 20 years ago, or even just 15 years ago. Look how they stack up to the cars of today.
I know technology has grown a lot since then as well. So as long as engineering technology evolves, will automotive engineering?

What do you think? Am I complete idiot and somehow seemed to form semi-cohesive sentences by just pounding on my keyboard for a bit? Or do you agree (even if somewhat) with what I am saying? Is there a top point, a pinnacle, a zenith of engineering that will be reached sooner or later?


*This all came to me this morning while coming into work. That was nearly 5.5 hours ago. I was still groggy from not being well rested. Also, I know very little about engineering, or physics for that matter. This is more a free-thinking idea.