Will Grom for Bimmer Parts

I’ve decided that I’m going to list the Grom for sale. It has a few outstanding recalls that I will get taken care of first, but then to the block it goes.

Motorcycles on their lowest and highest volume setting

I’ve been going back and forth with the decision as it’s not worth that much in the grand scheme of things. Whatever I get for it outweighs the use value at this point because... I don’t really use it. I chose the M3 over it on almost every nice day last year, and now that I’ve also got the 02 I’m sure I’ll use it even less.


Craigslist is littered with “I know what I have/no low ballers listings for Groms asking $3k or more, so I doubt that I will have trouble selling. I’m planning to list for $2800. I’ll be ecstatic with $2500, happy with anything over $2k and may consider less depending on what is going on with other vehicles.

What does Oppo think? It’s a 2015 with 2800 miles. It’s stock besides an under tail kit (hotbodies) and some KTM mirrors. I have and will include all of the stock parts. Oil changes every 700ish miles with a gaskets and washer each time (I know, overkill).

With my old E90

I have a bunch of super nice riding gear, but I’m planning on keeping that because I want to be able to borrow friends bikes, and will want to have it if I decide to get a real bike at some point.


This is a situation where I might even except trades! E.g. 02 or E46 parts.

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