me to lawyer: “Should I prepare for a closing on Friday?”

Lawyer: “the documents are being delivered to my office tomorrow”

Q&A game time

Q: How often should you change this cars oil? A: Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun

Q: Doc what sickness do I have? A: the moon orbits the earth

Q: Where are the forks? my favorite color is red.

Q: What the Fuck? A: yes

Maybe but probably not?

Apparently the closing attorney are dumb fucking rocks and didn’t discuss closing times or something like that. The sellers are not available on Friday. My opinion? Make yourfuckingself available. Your old as the fucking moon, you have so shit to do? what Bingo? fuck you. FUCK


The septic guy is still working. I need to have his paperwork to my mortgage guy by 10a.m. tomorrow to close on Friday.

O the selling realtor just went into the hospital for cataract surgery last night.

Any..... so what the difference between a Lincoln MKZ and the Continental? I thought it was Lincolns versions of the Fusion and Taurus, but I think that is not true.