So I’m bored at work waiting for client data, and am occupying myself by looking at used Porsches. While I would love an air-cooled 964 or 993, there is little chance of that happening anytime soon. However, 996s are in my price range for a non-DD vehicles. Lo and behold I find this:

Honestly, I think the wheels and color look great. I’ve never really been a fan of the turbo wheels that so many of these have. Anyways, two items come up. One, I’m 6'5" and two, I have a toddler.

For the height, it appears that the consensus is mixed on whether I would fit comfortably in the vehicle (I know I just need to try, but hear me out). However, there are some ready options to fit taller people in, including the GT3 console delete (non-nav only), steering wheel extensions (steering wheel hits some people’s legs), and lowering brackets. Sounds like a non-issue frankly.

The tougher issue is my pride and joy, my kid. I would like to be able to pick up and drop off my daughter with it. If I can’t carry her, I will have very few opportunities to drive it. Once she’s two in a couple of months she can be in a front facing seat, which will make things a lot easier. I’ve also read that Britax made a cars eat specifically for 911s, and that numerous ones will fit.


What do you guys think? I’ve loved 911s since I was a teen and am now in a place where I could afford a used one. I’m well aware of the IMS issue and its fixes as well. I’ve also considered Boxsters, but I prefer coupes and the 911 appears to be easier to work on.

Ps. Look at the sales figures for these: 964 - 62k, 993 - 68k, 996 - 175k. How are these so common, yet so expensive? The C5 corvette sold 248k during the same period as the 996 (40% more) and all but the nicest models can be found for under $20k or so.