Inspired by E92M3's post, I thought it was funny enough to mention this:

Had to visit a dealer yesterday to get my trade-in appraised to decide if they would make me a good enough deal. The dealer is on the other side of town from my house, with our favorite dog park halfway in between. Brought the dog on the trip, and the dealer wanted me to drive the GTI they planned to sell me (so that I would get excited and agree to anything). I’m not going to leave the dog sitting around unsupervised, not leaving him in my parked car with it being a warm day, so . . .

“You don’t mind if I put the dog in there, do you?”

“No one has ever asked me that before.”

Dog went for a ride. Only shed a bit on the car, no drool.

Epilogue: The car was in fine shape, the deal was not. Told other dealer this morning that they won my business.