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Will they Fit?

So I know I said that I was gonna get nice snows, but these popped up for 150 so here we are.

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215/60r16 replacing 225/45r16. I’m waiting on hub centric rings to come in so I can test fit. the overall change in tire diameter is 2 inches, and from what i can see, it look like with some tucking of the fender liner, I should be able to get full lock on the front, and unless spacing ends up being wildly different the rear shouldn’t have any problems at all. worst case, I put them back up on kijiji and get a nice set of 215/55r16s mounted on the irocs. Or buy amazon fender flares and break out the Sawzall. In other news, airbags for the rear springs got stolen off of my front porch. amazon kindly sent another set for free but it does mean i don’t get them in until Monday(my preferred theory is that they got taken by the guy in town dailying the other third gen with a trailer hitch- Firebird GTA that’s immensely cleaner than the iroc).


Parked out back of my place the other day, unfortunately not close enough to mine to get a pic together.

Next post will come when either hub rings or air bags come in, and if anyone has experience fitting possibly dubiously large tires on cars, advice would be appreciated!

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