Well yes, my 1988 Peugeot 205 GTI is able to swallow the courtesy car bicycle just fine. Well, partially. Despite being barely longer (but narrower) than a modern Fiat 500.

Because I suddenly decided this week I was going to take a full time 2-month German language course 900 km away, starting next Wednesday, I had to get 2 cars inspected in advance. The GTI because its inspection will run out in about a month, when I’m away. My DD because only a novice (me) works on it and it’s a 17 year old Italian built French car with 299k on the odometer and I want to be confident it’s in decent condition when abroad and for the Oppo Alps meet/cruise in June. It turned out all it needed was 0.25L of coolant, a bulb and a mounting rubber for the exhaust. Peugeot 406 coupe for life I guess, it never goes wrong.

Back to the bike and GTI. Because I thought it was silly to lend 2 courtesy bikes to get home after handing in 2 cars I solved that issue with throwing the bike in the back of the GTI. The bike is rather massive and the car is tiny, but it worked just fine. I only needed to drive a few kilometers anyway.


Because of that huge crate thing it wouldn’t get all the way to the front seat backs.
Why do people buy sedans again?