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Will it weekend? 2017 Dodge Challenger Rental Review

This last weekend we found ourselves in Orange County, CA and so I rented this…

Looks (2 Gold Stars)

Are they ever going to refresh this thing? The Challenger has been mostly untouched since the 2009MY. I like the iconic look, but there has to be some way to freshen things up on the outside.


Power/Fuel Economy (3 Thumbs Up)

This was done legally. I promise.

This was a Rental Spec. Nothing fancy. It was fine. I did get to run a 6.9 0-60 time while getting on the freeway. I didn’t have a chance to test out the “Stopping Distance” feature. It was sporty and seemed to handle well. It turns better than my Accord.

Off-Road Ability (1/10)

Are you dumb? Don’t take this thing off road.

Storage/Tech (5 Gold Doubloons)

Cloth seats, manual air. It did have Bluetooth though. Why does this car not have a back-up camera? It needs it. I hated having to try and see out the back whenever I put it in Reverse. Infotainment was fine. Worked well. Storage space is limited as you could image.


Overall, I think I like the current-gen Mustang over the Challenger. National did have some Camaro’s sitting on the lot but I grabbed this instead. I enjoyed renting this thing but I don’t know if I could daily it. Maybe I am prematurely turning into an old man…



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