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Will It Work? The X-Cup Challenge

I got back from The great race 2014 in Lowell Massachusetts. It was very cool, and the whole city basically revolved around cars today. Had a great car show beforehand, and the ceremony was pretty cool. What I did learn during the ceremony however was that there is a such thing as an x-cup.

Lets set a few things straight here. The race is a rally. No cell phones, gps, or cars newer than 1972. The trek is different every year, and is about 1000 miles long. Cars seem to be high class, and older cars get more handicap. They tell you the goal mph average, and every mph you are off, you get points. Lowest points at the end wins.


What do you get? A chance at 50 k prize, and the total purse is 125k. There are a couple different rates, which are above 5k for participation. However, there is a such thing as an x cup. Entry is $1500, and university kids as well as high schoolers (youth) are allowed in this class. I do not know the prizes, but it sounds fun, and you can have more than one navigator.

Question 1: Is it possible?

I go to the University of Massachusetts Lowell. We do have formula SAE, but it does not seem very well put together. Meetings are hard to get to, upper classmen do not seem to organize it well, and SAE has transferred to hybrid technology, which doesn't seem as fun as good old gasoline powered karts. This x cup showcases mathematic calculations, planning, and craftsmanship.

I believe that sponsorships can help, but I have no idea if the school would help fund the project at all. The car could be painted in school colors, but I do not know if schools give clubs money for activities. Also, I was wondering if anyone knows how well presented the car needs to be, as in the quality of paint, which would be last on the list. Would any school let this club start?

Question 2: What car would you suggest?

This is a little bit more fun of a question. I have already found a chevy 57 210 wagon right near me.



Wagon would be perfect for more passengers, and the 350 was in production for its second year by then. It seems to be a perfect model for such an endeavor. However, this is all just thoughts really, as I do not even know if the project could be started.


What do you think?

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