I’d love to have this, but I’m currently trying to get OUT of the constant project car life. Not 6 ft deep under it.

I love these Saabs, the insanely giant liftback has to be the on of the most beautifully designed things in automotive history. Add a turbo, two tone paint and some three spoke wheels and it’s no wonder Saab’s were know as cars for architects. How could some one who designs building for a living not love such a graceful use of space.


And this one is the high performance SPG (special performance group) version.Which gave it the side skirts, a short throw shifter, and upgraded sport suspension. This on is for sale in a he middle of nowhere Wi for 1500 bucks. If I had like 5 grand laying around this would be mine.

Oh and here’s a picture of a full size air mattress in the back of a 2 door 900 SPG. How many spotty coupes can do that?


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