I break the law every day. With the exception of driving in neighborhoods and in school zones, I drive my car pretty consistently at 5 mph over the legal speed limit. With the advent of self-driving cars, will the ultimate authority for these cars be the owner/operator, or the hard-and-fast letter of the law?

Being able to drive 5 mph over really is no concern, but what happens in an emergency situation if the driver no longer has any control of the car except for making requests to the computer? Will these cars obey our commands in an emergency? In some situations, driving 20 mph (or more) over the legal limit is the right thing to do (passenger having a heart attack, hospital is miles away, highway is clear of traffic). Similar situations could mean that running a red light is the best course of action. While calling an ambulance seems like the solution, there are plenty of cases where this is not the most effective course of action.

What level of control will we really have of these cars when they come?