This photo has been bouncing around the internet on car message boards for the last two weeks or so, and NO ONE KNOWS WHAT THE F...

Original post date - 12/08/15

I believe the first thread was in PistonHeads back in November, and other other forums like VWVortex, Coachbuild, etc have joined in the discussion on their own trying to figure it out.

Now it’s our turn.


This is what I see:

  • Fiberglass body
  • Gullwing doors
  • Flip front bonnet
  • Front engine
  • Windscreen is probably from a Hilman Minx

All my searches, no matter how I switch them up always turn up the same five or six kits from the 50s and 60s. Oh, and that I also hate Pinterest. How the hell did they achieve such a presence with Google image searches?


The image was photocopied/scanned from the book, Buses, Trolleys & Trams byt Chas. S. Dunbat that was published in 1967.

The caption on the page said, “Oxford St. London, 1962.”

I’ve seen people on Twitter ask about it, and I even forwarded a photo to some experts called Forgotten Fiberglass, which yes, is one of the sites I always found my self on once I discarded the Pinterest results.



Does anyone have a clue? There were SO MANY fiberglass sports special rebodies in Europe back in the 50s-60s. We just can’t figure out what THIS was is.

Edit - have also sent to to:

And no one seems to know.

Edit - I found these images on the Pistonhead thread. I was thinking about doing this myself.



UPDATE: I picked up the most recent edition of UK’s Classic & Sports Car, (the world’s best selling classic car magazine) and apparently, they reached out to readers to see if they knew what it was.

Not even they have the reach to find the one person who knows what this damn thing is.


Seen in Classic & Sportscar May 2016 edition.