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Will the E36 BMW M3 ever be a classic?

After reading about that E30 that sold for $58K this morning, I'm curious about whether you guys think the E36 M3 will ever hit the same heights. I could easily see the E46 becoming collectable in the future (last strictly 2 door, naturally aspirated straight 6) and even the E90, given enough time (only M3 with a V8, probably the last naturally aspirated "analog" M3). But it seems like the E36 isn't viewed in the same light by enthusiasts.

Is it because we got what amounted to a revamped 328i engine here in North America? If that's the case, then will it become more of a collector's car in Europe? I know that the 45 or so Euro-spec E36 M3s that were imported into Canada still retain their value pretty well here (they were also all Individual cars, spec'd to the buyer's taste). But I'm curious about the regular, North American-spec E36 M3.

As someone pointed out on the E30 post, maybe it's because of the proliferation of fake, rebadged "M3s" that you see which are nothing more than a 328i in drag. Or maybe it's the large production numbers and longer period of production compared to the E30.


Just curious about your thoughts, Oppo? Does anyone think that these might be viewed differently or revered as a collectible classic in the future? I've heard/read from several sources that the E36 has the sweetest handling out of any generation of M3.

Plus, tell me that this doesn't look fucking hot:

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