Since my last two posts were about trucks, and I have another truck topic to share. I thought I better shake things up a bit and talk about something else. It's about to get a little two wheels bad...

Just found this on my somewhat local bike shop webpage.

(I'm not sure why it's no showing any bodywork)

I keep trolling the KTM USA website for details about the 2015 Duke 390. In fact, I alerted cycle world when KTM blogged the U.S. pricing. 4,999 USD for that bike is going to be an immense value if they ever make it into the shops. And this screen cap gives me hope that it will be soon. Maybe even before I go test ride the new Ducati Scrambler in late April/early May.

Any of you guys looking forward to these or similar new bikes?

Edit: looking a little further from home another dealer has much more information