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According to Cargurus, right now as of this writing there are a total of 1,273 Toyobaru twins for sale in the entire country (868 FR-S, 405 BRZ). Thats an ok amount. However, of those a few have been in the hands of some dumbas’s drivers. As times goes on, will a good example of one of these cars be hard to find due to some previous owner(s) thinking he/she were Ken Block?


Of all of both models, 245 have problems. Of the ones for sale you can break down whats what:

  • A total of 164 have had accidents reported (121 FR-S,43 BRZ)
  • 46 have salvage titles ( 30 FR-S, 16 BRZ)
  • 23 have frame damage (20 FR-S, 3 BRZ)
  • 7 have Lemon Histories (5 FR-S, 2 BRZ)
  • And 5 have theft histories (4 (FR-S, 1 BRZ)

What does this tell us? Well for one it looks like BRZ drivers are more responsible/lucky than FR-S drivers as all the way down you can see the BRZ having less problems than the FR-S. Will this trend of having accident ridden cars continue as the years go on? I think so, especially with how cheap these things have become. The Toyobaru twins have also seemed to bucked the JDM trend of having cars that haven’t been modded to shit being hard to find. But what do you guys think?

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