Grocery stores provide off brand versions of nearly everything. These, of course, provide a cheaper alternative to the more expensive name brand product, usually with an unimaginative rewording (my enduring favorite is Kroger's Crispy Rice). There are, however, no automotive equivalents to a knock off cereal- no 'Kroger Kars' or 'Walmart Wheels' (both probably followed bu exclamation marks). The prospect of this is very interesting, especially to car enthusiasts.

Although they would be beiger than a base Camry, there are many opportunities to be had. First, you could buy what are essentially beater cars for the same price as a used car, but without mechanical problems (at least at first). They would be cheap, easy to repair, and light. They would also provide 'shells' that could be endlessly modified, again, without the prospect of mechanical issues.

Imagine walking into a grocery store and ordering a $1000 dollar wagon, unencumbered by A/C or a radio or many other accessories, driving it home, and stuffing a V8 in it.

You could have a lot of fun.