ok the last installment we left off with half the new harness in, and half the old harness still attached.

Friday night I finished off with the old VX harness completely out, the new EX harness sitting entirely in place.

in the realm of mildly troubling is this rando green plug I can’t find a socket for in this car or the other. It doesn’t exist on the VX harness so must correlate to one of the power features (hopefully sunroof, but I dont think so)


in the realm of “monkee! you f**ked up!” is this extra plug on the engine side. The VX has additional sensors that help it achieve its legendary 40+ MPGs, which the EX does not. So the EX harness doesn’t have this extra plug.

So, couple of options:

1: the car starts but runs janky and perhaps with bad fuel economy and a CEL and I just drive it that way for a bit


2a: the car doesn’t start, and I have to run a custom temporary harness from the ECU to this plug for the ~5 wires

2b: the car doesn’t start, and I’m forced to do the D16Z6 engine swap from the EX this week instead of waiting.

anyhoo, while I’m in here I am taking the opportunity to get the steering column out of the way just to make wiring behind it easier, and to swap over the column from the EX which has height adjustment (see level on the side not present on the VX’s column


Saturday I picked my kids up from summer camp, went to a gymnastics comp (the kid got 6th place for her floor routine, 4th for bars, FIRST!!! for beam, and 3rd all around), then with my brief few hours after they were in bed tidied up the rear of the harness, connecting to the sub-harness for the taillights etc., and the door sensors, handbrake sensor, seatbelt sensor and fuel pump. Forgot to take a pic, but basically it just meant my rear seat is back in place.

So the harness swap has been a tedious pain, and the possibility of the car not starting has left me pretty frustrated. So I wasted Sunday. We all vegged out and watched TV/movies with some take away food.


Tonight (Monday night) I plan to thrash and get the last items done so I can turn the key and either be disappointed or elated.

  • swap airbag subharness over (the EX has 2 bags, the VX only a driver side, so the main harness has some different plugs)
  • reinstall the steering column
  • fix some wiring from where the EX had a poorly installed alarm
  • install a random smattering of kill switches
  • reinstall the dash

boy, lots of words, have some pupper pics to even things out

She recently got big enough (a whopping 4 pounder now! double her original size) to jump onto the couch. but not brave enough to get down. Which meant she peed on the couch. So I repurposed this stain test piece from my barndoor build as a ramp


which of course she now uses to happily get onto the couch and stare deep into my eyes whenever I’m chilling out