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Here is something to think about next time you see a snide remark about senior citizens or their driving abilities. William Henry Downing (my 3rd great grandfather) was born in 1821 and died in 1922. He would be almost 200 years old if he was alive. Below is an article that was written about him shortly after turning 100. I hope we all end up as 100 year old Jalop's!


Three quarters of a century ago W. H. (Daddy) Downing took the girls riding in silk-lined hacks.

Today, more than 100 years young, he scares 'em to death when he just naturally insists on speeding when he takes 'em joyriding.

Not the same girls, though. Ah, no. Most of the girls of "Daddy's" youth have faded out of his ken. But the girls he "sparks" today are just as young and just as beautiful as were those hoop-skirted maidens of the '40's.


"Daddy" Downing was tinkering with the insides of his favorite car at Arbor Rest, Glendale, when an Examiner reporter and photographer found him yesterday.

"Work is my play", he argued. "I always did work and I always will. And I worked hard, too, let me tell you. I don't know of any harder work than trimming sail up aloft when a gale is tossing the spars like vertical matches. I did that for six years under my father as a skipper on a West Indies trader.

"But then, shucks! I never denied myself a good time, either. I used to ride 20 miles to dances. In my day they held 'em out in the country, you know.

"Say, the silk-lined hacks we took the girls riding in when I was your age were great. But somehow I've got a little mite of hankerin' for these auto-mobiles too."


Prohibition doesn't worry "Daddy" Downing. "I never did get out o' hand," said he, "but I never denied myself a drink, either. I've been known to tip myself over a few fizzes and highballs, and a little 'shot' now and then, but I never went too far. Smoking too. Why, say, I've smoked for years."

"Daddy" Downing is not one of these efficiency sharps. But he's managed to live and pass the century mark of his years and he's still going strong. Would you emulate him? His rules are easy:

"Work hard while you work

"Play hard when you play

"Smoke moderately if you have a hankering.

"Take a drink if you feel like it, but watch your step.

Will you still like speed at 100? What will you drive - will it be a classic from when you were young, futuristic supercar, or self driving Google-Uber-iCar?


Copy of article below. Anybody know what kind of car it is?

Illustration for article titled Will you still drive when you are 100 years old?
Illustration for article titled Will you still drive when you are 100 years old?

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