Win a $230 DA Car Polisher kit with pads, compounds, and polishes!!!!!

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Chemical Guys is running a little contest right now and the two winners are gonna get a Torq 10FX polisher kit! It comes with the machine itself, a orange medium-heavy cutting Hexlogic pad, a white medium polishing Hexlogic pad, and a black/gray finishing Hexlogic pad! It also comes with a stiff backing plate for flatter surfaces, and an ultra-flexible one for panels with exaggerated body lines and curves. And to top it all off, they include 4oz. of each of their V-Line of compounds and polishes(V32-heavy compound, V34-hybrid compound, V36-cutting polish, V38-jewelers fine polish)! And if all that isn’t enough to persuade you, if you click on the link and enter, I get 2 bonus entries; so if nothing else you could always help out a fellow Opponaut right? Thanks Guys! And good luck to you all, hopefully another Oppo will win(in conjunction with me obviously)! Make sure to enter everyday by clicking the link below to increase your odds! I’ve done this once or twice before to try and get the word, BUT THIS IS GONNA BE THE LAST ONE!!!!! CONTEST ENDS TOMORROW!!!!!!


Make sure to use Google Chrome, IE, or Firefox. I think those are the browsers it works on...

Here is the link:

Thanks again guys, I really do appreciate it! I really appreciate all the help so far! OPPO ROCKS!!!! Good luck to everyone!

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