Win10 not playing nicely with iPhone?

I’m relatively new to Windows 10, but I’ve never seen this problem in almost 10 years of iPhone usage:

I plug in the phone (iPhone 6, skipping itunes) and open a folder to view my photos. Even though there are over 1,000 photos on the phone, I can only see 20-30 of them in Windows Explorer.

This never, ever happened in Win XP or Win 7. And apparently it’s not uncommon, but neither MS nor Apple wants to admit any flaws in their software.


Any ideas? I love to learn a lot about PCs, but this is not one of those times — this is like your car failing to start when you have to get to work.

Difficulty: if anyone says “just use iCloud” I will kick them in the nards. I wants mah pics right nao and I want them to flow thru the magical cable!

Seriously, iPhones have pissed me off so much in the past 6 months, I’m about to go Android...

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart/nards.

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