As promised, now time to review my latest avenue of gluttony: specialty bagels. For this, I have given it the same set of controls as the Thomas brand French Toast bagels from months ago, and prepared a modest breakfast sandwich.

Like last time, I don’t have any sausage or bacon in the fridge, so it won’t quite be a homemade McGriddle. Just a single egg scrambled with mozzarella, topped with cheddar, and maple syrup on the top half.

After careful analysis, I feel that all I can say is Uughuhuhhuhowwwwwahhhh... The texture is much like a pretzel bun done right: firm on the outside, but lovingly doughy within. The cinnamon is actually swirled through their dough, not drizzled on the outside like a hack bakery. It is actually more salty than sweet.


I would recommend going balls to the wall with something this unhealthy. It should have two strips of bacon, at least two eggs prepared to your liking, syrup top and bottom, and maybe some yams fried in brown sugar and ginger.

Overall score: delicious.