Ever seen those massive wind turbines and wonder at all how they get moved around? No? Well, you have now. With blades of between 120 and 150 feet, and total heights sometimes north of 400 feet, these towers of renewable energy are (likely) a colossal pain in the ass to move around. Even the sections are sometimes over a hundred feet long, and can sometimes weigh nearly 80 tons. Shipping them is something of a chore, but if, like me, you live near and drive on a stretch of I-80 between the place where these behemoths are made and the Iowa fields where they are used, you get used to seeing them passing by.

This video is from 2010 or so. My brother and I were out messing around and having fun with the semis on I-80 when this beast rolled by. You get some idea from the video of just how gigantic they are. For better perspective, here you go: