Windows 10 First Issue

So I took the dive today and upgraded to Windows 10. Before I start browsing unscrupulous things I figured it would be good to make sure that my security software is working.

After the W10 installation was complete I checked the system tray and Bitdefender wasn’t listed. I opened task manager and it’s not there either. Ok, fine, maybe it’s gotta be reinstalled so I google Bitdefender windows 10 installation, follow the procedure listed on their website, download the uninstaller, download the 64 bit installer (I’m running 64 bit), the installer gets partway through installation, the window closes, and nothing happens after that. WTF?


Who else is having problems? I don’t necessarily see this as a Windows problem. Since Bitdefender has a procedure for installing their software on Windows 10, I see it as their problem because they’ve clearly done some development for W10.

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