I have a weird problem. I use the same monitor for two computers, my gaming rig and my laptop. I do not use a KVM, I switch inputs on the monitor. The problem is that the icons on the desktop of the laptop are larger. The toolbar is the same on both desktops. In fact it has changed the size of things on webpages. Like youtube plays in a smaller window, and I have thoroughly gone through my youtube settings. I have check all the scaling settings in the control panel and they are all set to 100%, just like my gaming rig. I have gone through video card settings, and did and looked on google. Youtube says their webpage will self adjust the size of the player based on resolution. It is running the same resolution on both computers. It is affecting my youtube viewing and it must end.

While I was re-reading my paragraph, it gave me an idea. I right clicked on the desktop and under View “Medium Icons” was selected. So I chose small thinking that would fix the problem, no it made them really tiny. So I chose medium again and they are now the proper size. Youtube is still affected though.

K20 swapped Integra for your time.