Windows, you confuse the hell out of me...

One step forward (maybe), two steps back.

On one computer I decided to pop in a video tuner card to use the machine as an OTA DVR. I had to yank the video card and use the internal video (no big deal), but was hit with message that says “Error initializing PCI Express slot 1.” I set the video in the BIOS back to ‘Auto’, like it was earlier, and now I don’t get that error anymore, but there isn’t really a reason I should have gotten it in the first place.


When I try to install the tuner drivers it says it can’t find the card. WTF? The slot worked fine with the video card, so why is throwing a hissy fit with the tuner card in the same slot? ‘Compatible hardware not found’. Um, it’s the same card I’ve used for years, albeit in a different computer.

On another computer, the Hackintosh, I installed the latest Windows update (separate drive for Windows), and now all of my files disappeared and I’ve been set up with a default desktop. OK, I found my files under a different user name (‘User’ instead of the new ‘User-CJD@!#$’ or whatever it’s called). Excuse me? Why do I have a new account? I didn’t ask for one. And when I try to relocate the files from the directories under the old account to the new account they don’t move.

I’d rather just sign in using my Microsoft account like I do on the older i7 machine, but it still has me automatically logging in as ‘User’, the default account that was set up when Windows was installed. They certainly don’t make it easy to figure out how to change it.

Windows may have gotten better over the years, but it’s still not all that great. And this speaking as someone that spent years and years as a network admin/engineer. I don’t fear anything technical, but my time is too valuable to be spent on piddly shit like this. I will figure it out, but I really wish I didn’t have to. Of course, MacOS has its issues as well, but after nearly a year away from using a Mac on a regular basis I was able to jump right back in and make things work without the kind of headaches I’m going through right now with Win10. At this point I’m going to call it a night and try it again in a day or two...

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